The history of Villa Loreto

First Visit April 2012

The Villa already enchanted us at our first visit...

Garden 2013

What a splendour of colours!

Villa: START OF WORK Summer 2013

The first projects have been executed: the floor tiles removed; the kitchen and bathroom as well as the ceiling in the attic ripped out. All plumbing and cables have been replaced (heating, electricity, water and sewage).

Villa: PROGRESS OF WORK Fall 2013

Meanwhile, the walls in the kitchen and bathrooms have been plastered. In the living and dining rooms as well as in the rooms on the 1st floor preparations are also being made. The additional bathrooms in the attic are built and the ceiling has been insulated and panelled. The wine cellar has been sandblasted.

Villa: THE ANNEX TORN DOWN December 2013

The annex, the house of the curator, has been torn down. After reconstruction it will provide the ideal place to enjoy the evening sun at the dining table or in the lounge! The rear entrance will be moved to the left side of the building.

Villa: PROGRESS OF WORK Spring 2014

New windows and shutters for the Villa! The „Graniglie"-flooring in the kitchen and stairway is laid. Likewise, the parquet in the attic. The kitchen and the bathroom furniture are installed.

Cascina: START OF WORK Summer 2014

The construction work of the two country cottages in the converted barn has started!

Villa: Garden and Pool Fall 2014

The garden is ready for planting and the excavator digs the hole for the pool.

Cascina: Progress of work winter 2014/2015

The roof was replaced, insulated and covered with the former bricks. The heating, fresh and waste water pipes as well as electricity cables were laid. The bathrooms are built and the walls were plastered.

Cascina: Progress of work Spring 2015

The floor was laid, the windows installed and the walls of the shower tiled. Within the next few days the pool will be ready offering a breathtaking view!

Villa: Opening April 2015

Good news: The Villa and the pool are ready for you and the turf grass sod was laid. On 8th March 2015, Flavio Favaro (, a known chainsaw artist, transformed one of the horse chestnut trees into a beautiful sculpture!